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  • Explorative evaluation of tangible control objects on multitouch displays

    Explorative evaluation of tangible control objects on multitouch displays

    Devices with interactive multi touch surfaces are ubiquitous and are getting more and more sophisticated in terms of providing experiences, that thanks to ultra low latencies and carefully tuned prediction algorithms are smooth and have a natural feel to them. But the digital world lacks physicality and neglects the human sense of touch and does […]

  • Particulate matters

    Particulate matters

    The threat, fine particulate matter – commonly known as air pollution – poses to the health and life quality of breathing organisms is evident, yet widely downplayed or not even perceived at all. The installation is an interactive data visualisation of PM 2.5 and PM 10 data. It’s goal is to create awareness in making […]

  • ENTOMON – Interspecies Metamorphosis

    ENTOMON – Interspecies Metamorphosis

    ENTOMON – Interspecies Metamorphosis Content TBA /

  • Borrowed limbs

    Borrowed limbs

    The experimental short film “Borrowed Limbs”, created in collaboration between the two designers Lisa-Marleen Mantel and Laura Juliane Wagner, emphasizes the mediating role speculative design has in the face of disruptive technological advancements, as it allows for the exploration and simulation of ethical issues. The short film is centered around an AI main character who uses the human body as a sensing device to gain a physical understanding of their surroundings. Influenced by posthuman thinkers, the work aims to provoke a discussion about Cartesian notions of disembodied intelligence. The work combines recent developments in philosophy and cognitive science with state-of-the-art technologies and artistic practice: Main part of the film was produced with a machine-learning-backed process called “CLIP guided diffusion”. This method enables image synthesis based on language prompts. Prompts are carefully refined in a human-machine communication loop. In a way, the practical processes involved in producing the film reflect the speculative idea of an ongoing dialogue found in the narrative. The work resulted in a modular design pipeline for controlled image synthesis using AI tools as a design appropriation to communicate speculative concepts. It was created as part of the Master Research at KISD – Cologne International School of Design (Faculty of TH Köln).

  • Synthesizing Meaning@IT_VilniusTech

    Synthesizing Meaning@IT_VilniusTech

    AI systems such as DALL·E  or  it’s open source counterpart Stable Diffusion, are captivating the masses with their stunning, maybe even eerie capability of translating text to images. A text prompt like “a potato wearing a wig” can be translated into a convincing image within seconds, even when combining a multitude of dissimilar distinctive concepts […]

  • (dis-)embodied minds at KISD

    (dis-)embodied minds at KISD

    Designers in the silicon age proficiently mediate between the visceral and digital realms, when designing with and around technology. But how exactly do we reconcile disembodied technologies such as AI, with those aspects of the design profession that emphasize and often rely on tacit knowledge, gained through bodily multisensory experience and interaction? If AI, especially […]

  • Synthesizing Meaning @Hochschule Rhein Main

    Synthesizing Meaning @Hochschule Rhein Main

    / Mehrwert und Inhalte Aneignung KI-gestützer Gestaltungstechniken | Mensch-Maschine Co-Kreation | Posthumanismus | Ergründung technologie unabhängiger Fähigkeiten | Speculative Design | KI und Verkörperung | Workflows mit angewandter KI | Zukunftsvisionen | Posthuman Monsters | Kursbeschreibung Synthesizing Meaning Designerinnen des digitalen Zeitalters vermitteln mit Expertise zwischen den viszeralen und den digitalen Sphären, wenn sie mit […]